Beads 2

Posted on May 3, 2011


I love to see what artists can create!  So I thought I’d post a couple of beautiful pieces that two artisans have made using my glass beads. The first is Sam’s spicy set of "Hot Tamales" earrings and bracelet, made from one of my “Salsa” bead sets- I love how she’s paired up the beads in the bracelet and has stacked the earrings- very cute!  This set is Moretti and Vetrofond glass in dark and light grass green, medium red, a new transluscent orange by Moretti, and touches of Peachy Persimmon coral.   I also used some of my coveted Parrot Green, which unfortunately is no longer available.  Lots of encasing really brings out the colors.


Sam has one of the best blogs I’ve ever seen- so many ideas for color combos and if you scrapbook or make cards, you have to check it out:


It’s always so inspiring to see what Sam has come up with!



So here is the original set:



And then a great shot of the set:



And another of the earrings and the bracelet, artfully draped over the glass.  I am thinking I have to update my boring pictures because I love the way this looks!


My Galaxy series beads (which I love making), are a more organic look with subdued coloring and lots of metallic accents.  I use mostly Moretti glass, Raku twisties and handmade murinni, intense black and ample amounts of Double Helix silver glass, in this case, Triton.  I try to include as much detail as I can, and I have to say this set looks great paired with sterling.


This bracelet is from Tammy Willard of “By Design Jewelry”


Here is a picture of the original set “Aries”:


And Tammy's finished bracelet:


and one of the earrings:




Thank you both so much for allowing me to use your images, and for creating such beautiful work!  Laura





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