New Effetre Colors

Posted on July 1, 2011

I recently purchased some glass from R4Studio and Ron was kind enough to send me some rods of three new hand pulled colors that Effetre has released:

414 Giallo Cromo (green)
423 Rosso Vermig. (brick red)
441 Rosso Cangiante (brown)



The samples I received were large rods from the ends of the pull- you can see the almost conical shape of the rods, and the great striations on the ends of the rods.  These rods were also bigger- probably 10-14 mm in diameter


I thought, because monitor color varies widely, it might be helpful to compare these new colors to what is already out there so people could more easily visualize these new colors, so left to right (the new Effetre colors are the larger rods):

591441 Rosso Cangiante (brown)

791448 Dark Brown Special (Vetrofond)

591423 Rosso Vermig. (red)
591420PP Peachy Persimmon (Effetre)

591414 Giallo Cromo (green)

791908-ODD Green Ochre (Vetrofond)

This was the color I was most escited about, because it is the most awesome shade of lime green.  It worked up almost exactly like the Green Ochre in my test bad, with slight variation of color throughout the bead.  It did not shock, and melted quite smoothly.  See below for the beads I worked longer and hotter- it turned a perfect sort of green-gold that will be really useful in the fall palette.


Next I compared the new brick-red to a batch of peachy persimmon I have from about 2 years ago.  The particular batch of persimmon I have is highly saturated, and the new red did turn much darker and "cooler" than the persimmon.  It too melted smoothly and I had no shocking.  The rods melteds moothly on my hothead and the glass turned much darker around the circumfrence, while staying lighter around the mandrel line.

 The Rosso Cangiante turned out totally different- way  more greyish black than the rod.  However, I did not try it as a base for the silver glasses, which I think is where this glass really shines.  I did discover the longer you work this, the redder/browner it becomes (see the cetner of the sunflower below).

These were spacers I worked longer in the flame- they turned a lighter golden color and lost much of their green-ness.


The center of this sunflower (sorry for the blurry picture) is the Rosso Cangiante, which turned back to a reddish-brown (almost a reddish-grey) color the more I heated and cooled it.

I will be adding information to this post as I work with these glasses-  Hopefully I can get some good results using silver glass.  Have fun torching!  Laura

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