Emerald- The 2013 Pantone Color of the Year

Posted on May 23, 2013

This year's Pantone color of the year, emerald, is a pretty pale teal, more like a greenish aqua than what i normally would consider traditional "emerald" to be, which is more of a dark green.  But the color of the year, which is in about every color combination I saw at clothing stores at the mall, is the perfect color for glass artists.


From Moretti teal (both the light and the dark), to CIM's Kryptonite and Peacock Unique, there are some nice colors to choose from to create designs that will be a good match for this summer's clothing.  I use both the darker teals and the lighter CIM translucent greens for bases, each giving the beads a different look, ranging from the dramatic to a nice soft look that compliments the paler spring colors:



The dark teal background in these beads sets off the details nicely, giving them a dramatic look:

While the background of these beads, CIM's transluscent Kryptonite, and Moretti Pale Aqua, gives the floral a nice soft feminine look.  The poretty greenish florals are Nile Green with Light Transparent Teal on top::


There are so many ways you can use these greens in combination with the other 2013 colors, the lavenders and peaches look especially nice:

And emerald and yellow is also nice:

Happy Creating- I hope I've given you some fun ideas to get started:)  Laura


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