2013 Pantone Colors

Posted on May 13, 2013

 The 2013 Pantone color palette is a perfect match for glass artists- with the exception of the peach, all of these colors can be found in the 104 glass palette.  And with a little bit of layering and mixing, you can come up with a close match to even the Nectarine.

 The Pantone colors and the closest match in COE 104 glass:

Monaco Blue = Vetrofond/Moretti Lapis Light

Dusk Blue- CIM Chalcedomy or Moretti Periwinkle

Emerald = Moretti Light Teal or Dark Teal as a background color

Grayed Jade = CIM's Kryptonite or Peacock Unique

Linen = Tongue Pink or Moretti Pale Pink Opal

Poppy Red = Moretti Medium Red (the last batch is pretty nice)

African Violets = CIM;s Crocus or Crocus Unique 3

Tender Shoots = CIM's Elpheba or Moretti Pea Green

Lemon Zest = Vetro Lemon Meringue or Moretti Lemon Yellow Light

Nectarine = Vetrofond's Poppy + white

 Some of the color combinations I have seen in the stores are the pale emerald with peaches and coral,  the yellow with peach, orange and pink, and the Grayed Jade with lilac and purple.  So to start, I came up with a mixture of the basic shades, playing around with balancing the cooler tones with the warmer ones:


Then I wanted to add in some of the brighter colors, but to mute them down so they would be appropriate for spring. i mixed light orange with white, lemon yellow with white, and poppy with white.   When you mix these, you want add more of the color and less of the white, or the result (when encased) will be very pale.  Top to bottom: lemon yellow/white, poppy/white and light orange/white.

This produced some nice pale colors that still had enough tonality to hold their own against the pinks and greens.  These petals have a base of the lighter orange and peach topped with clear and the pink is petal pink topped with CIM cranberry.


In the clothing (and accessories) featured in the stores, there was a fair amount of pink, which looked great with the paler oranges and lilacs.  This is the muted orange,topped with clear, palew pink topped with CIM cranvberry, and EDP topped with ink blue:



The most popular color combo this spring has been the lilacs and pinks with the lime green leaves, set off against a background of pale lilac:

 The only clor I haven;t played with alot is the blue, but I expect to add that in more as we get to the summer months, it will cool down some of the warmer colors and balance out a few designs I have been thinking of.  have fun creating, and happy torching:)  Laura

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  2013 Pantone Colors
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