The Whimsical Bead

Posted on July 21, 2010

Whimsy- Making Beads Fun!



Want to catch a customer's eye?  Stand out in a crowd?  How to find that special niche in the lampwork community?  If organics are not your game, and if you like bright colors and patterns, maybe a whimsicial theme is the way to go.  So what makes a set fun and whimsical?  It could be the colors- bright, happy, with lots of contrast.  Or it could be the patterns- a mix is always nice, lots of dots in various sizes, mixed in with some stripes to balance things out.  The shapes are important also- whimsical shapes could be crazy shaped discs, rounds with raised layered dots, or dots of different sizes, something totally different in shape can change the way the set works, opening up new possibilities for designers looking at your work. 


You oculd make tabs with a picture on them:


Or a bead in the shape of a vessel- it doesn’t have to be complicated- just a single idea that the rest of the set plays off of.  Flowers, pinwheels, teapots and birds of just some of the things I try and incorporate into my sets:




A round bead can have raised dots makes a nice accent:


Add some bubble dots for extra sparkle:


 Don't be afraid to mix it up, remember, contrast is good!  Black and white often work well with strong color choices.  You can tie these together by encasing a central design and accenting it with colorful exterior decorations:  



Three or four beads that have an extraordinary amount of detail serve as your central, or main focus:

 These are joined by simpler beads, keeping the focus on the central beads and the attention on the theme of the set, while allowing a designer countless possiblities:



And finally, what seems to work for me is an even mix of patterns, dots, stripes and some plain(er) beads.  I like to balance the colors by staying with a dominate color accented by 2-3 complimentary colors.  The turquoise and cool green are set off by the strong orange- there is about 2/3 turqoise and 1/3 orange in this set. This set has good examples of stripes, dots, bubble dots and intense colors that are evenly balanced:


Keep it fresh, keep it unpredictable, keep trying experimenting, and your customers will always find something new and exciting in your work!  Be creative!  Laura

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lotus   July 24, 2010 at 6:50 pm

  I had no idea that you followed such formulas to make your sets, bu it makes sense that you would need to follow some kind of "recipe" to come out with such cool stuff!

Congratulations on your blog! Your "backyard" is awesome and I love the pic of the chick holding the chick!

I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!


lotus   July 24, 2010 at 6:51 pm

  Also---had you considered adding some of the cute cupcakes I saw here to your tea party sets???


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